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It Has Begun: Humanity’s Immune Response

How to Film a Revolution – a tutorial – Occupy the Movie

Occupy Wall St – The Revolution Is Love

Modern Money Mechanics

Here is a link to the pdf file, Modern Money Mechanics (a booklet produced and distributed free by the Public Information Center of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), and below is a video clip (from the documentary “Zeitgeist: Addendum“) that explains the process of money creation as documented in the MMM booklet.  There are some really great quotes in there.

Banking – The Greatest Scam On Earth

Welcome To Masdar City

Why Homosexuality Should Be Banned

Quantum Levitation

We Want To Be Free

In 2011, Peoples Around The World Took To The Streets In Protest.
They Want To Be Free Of Terror.
They Want To Be Free Of War.
They Want To Be Free From The Enslavement Of Governments.
They Want To Be Free From The Failing Financial System.
They Want To Be Free Of Greed & Corruption.
They Want To Be Free Of Media Manipulation.
They Want To Be Free To Choose!
They Want To Be Free To Live Life To The Fullest.
They Want To Be Free To love & To Live In Peace.

Featuring Prophetic Voices From The Past,
This Short Documentary Is,
Of The Peoples Of The World,
For The Peoples Of The World…
For We All Want To Be Free!

Original Music By Sonic Realm

Meet The 0.01 Percent: War Profiteers

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