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Gas Price FYI

Maybe it’s just in my neck of the net, but it seems to me there is a bit of buzz going on about the price of gas on certain dates, under certain presidents.  It didn’t take a lot of digging to come up with this chart.

I’m not interested in getting into the argument; only in presenting the facts.  Gas prices were lower while President Bush was in office, but only for a very brief moment.  Since President Obama has been in office gas prices have steadily gone up, but have yet to reach the highest prices experienced under President Bush.  While there does appear to have been some hiccups along the way, the overall trend is growing prices.

The sitting president doesn’t have much of an impact on oil prices, and if they do, it’s a temporary influence that in the end doesn’t change anything.  The real issue is our dependence on oil in the first place.  We have several clean energy options at our fingertips that would slow, and eventually ween us off of oil.  It would be a simple transition that wouldn’t require a single war, operation, occupation, mission or strike.

Our energy needs are purely technical.  Your vote for this guy or that guy won’t change anything (for the better).  Anyway, there’s something for you to think about while we prepare to go to war with the next oil rich country or two, or three.  😐

Alternate Energy Sources

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