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Beam Me Up, Sony

Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Normally I drive for a living: 18 wheeler, straight truck, cargo van, car…  Anyway, I’ve been out of work since early February.  I’ve been hoping and searching for a job that will allow for more home time.  I’ve spent the last month jumping through hoops trying to secure a new job.  As of early last week, rumor had it I finally got the job, but it’s an on-call position.  As of Friday night, May 4th, I had yet to get so much as a call when suddenly the phone rang.

Finally, my… our first job.  As usual, Bunny (my sweet, loving angel of a wife) and I are working together.  This first job looked like it should take about five hours (from the time we leave our house, until we get back) from start to finish at most.  It’s a city to city, in state job.  That’s what all of the jobs I signed up for should be like.

Right after delivering our load they offer us a second job picking up ASAP.  This one would take us two states away.  I had no idea such work would or could even be an option.  We accepted immediately.  Sooooo…  what started out as a quick run turned into a two day and two hour road trip.  The blog suffered a two day hit, but all is back to normal…  for now.  😉

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