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Shock And Awe-some Ego And Arrogance

Rebel Diaz – Which Side Are You On?


Which side are you on? [repeat]

[Verse 1: G1]
See I gotta draw the line, I can’t take it no more
If you ain’t down with revolution, what you waiting for?
Making money for suckers and our communities poor
Ripping flags off of coffins, man, this ain’t our war
Colonized and terrorized by the world’s biggest killers
The US government, the biggest weapon and drug dealers
Filling prisons with children, incarcerating the future
Myspace and Facebook got us stuck on computers
Stuck on stupid bumping music that’s abusive to the shorties
And the nonsense that you spitting, they just listen and absorb it
I’ve been dormant, I’ve awoken, I’m a giant, I’m ready
I’m with the APPO in Oaxaca and we holding machetes

[Verse 2: RodStarz]
I rock hard like Palestinian children holding slingshots!
I’m with every single kid that’s down for hip hop
For the culture, the life, what it really stands for
This music is resistance, it’s the voice of the poor
I’m on the side of the workers, the teachers, and lunch ladies
On the streets with brown mommies raising our brown babies
I’m with youth organizers cleaning up the Bronx river
I’m like Jaime Escalante when I stand and deliver
I’m with Evo Morales, man, he running Bolivia
Distribution of the land so we could all live bigger
I’m with Hugo and Fidel, Grandmaster and Melle Mel
I’m with the Panthers up in Queens, justice for Sean Bell
I’m with Camacho Negrón, I’m with Ojeda Ríos
Freedom for Oscar Lopez, time to get an appeal
I’m with Abu-Jamal, I’m with Assata Shakur
I’m with the compas in Immokalee getting a penny more!

Which side are you on?
Chi city!
Which side are you on?
South Bronx!
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?

[Verse 3: Lah Tere]
I’m with Elvira Arellano, I’m with Rudy Lozano
I’m for a world without borders and a better tomorrow
I’m with Mothers on the Move, I’m with sistas on the rise
I’m with La Peña del Bronx, keeping culture alive
I’m with the kids at the Batey, watching a beat battle
Mean mugging all these yuppies in shorts and brown sandals
I’m with parents everywhere fighting for good schools
And for all these good women to find some good dudes
I’m with Salvador Allende, I’m Super Anti Momio!
Con el pueblo en la Havana grito Viva Cuba Cono!
For immigrants, activists, unions, and freelancers
For DJs, MCs, bombers, and breakdancers
I’m with editors, engineers, Indymedia
I’m with my family and my crew, Rebel Diaz
I’m with DJ Disco Wiz, a Latino pioneer
Cause it’s dope when the elders break bread with the kids

[Verse 4: G1]
I’m for telling the truth, exposing the lies
Think about the dead soldiers when you’re driving your ride
Them people died for the oil and Daddy Bush’s revenge
I’m with the widows, the children, and the lonely best friends
I’m with Families Stayin’ Together as ONE
I’m not for the raids and the deportations!
I’m with Victor Toro and the M.I.R
So watch out for those snitches in that unmarked car!
And for Lil Saulito, we gonna fight for your moms
So we gonna shout her out, twice in one song
I’m for twelve million workers and Elvira Arellano
I’m for a world without borders and a better tomorrow


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