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Will You Do The YARNDANGO?!?!?

My bloggin’ bud, Teeni, over at Aunty’s Tea Room recently did a poll/contest to name her new crochet project.  She’s going to be doing a crocheted amigurumi a week for a year straight.  Teeni is inviting everyone to go check it out, and for crafty folk like herself to join in on the fun.  The project name, Yarndango, was the suggestion of yours truly (I WON!).   Read all about it HERE.  There’s even a snazzy little Yarndango badge (I made that 🙂 ) you can sport on your blog’s sidebar to show your support and/or participation.  You can check out the Yarndango badge by clicking HERE.  Teeni has even completed and posted pictures of her first project (dedicated to ME for winning the contest).  It is sooo cool.  You can check it out HERE.  Whatever the reason, get over there and check out her blog, because she’s always got something fun going on over there.  Enjoy.  😉

May I Have Your Opinion Please?

Howdy folks.  🙂  I’ve been working on a new picture for my overly populated sidebar.  I’ve come up with three different variations, but I’m not sure which one to go with.  I was hoping to get a little feedback from some of my visitors to help me make that decision, so below I’m going to post a poll, but first I thought I’d share with you how I came to this roadblock.

Most of the pictures posted here are gifts from the ever giving internet, but a very small fraction of them are thrown together by me.  These two following pictures were the inspiration for my latest re-creation.


Please keep in mind that you don’t have to be a veg-head or a pacifist to give your opinion here.  I just want to know which of the following three pictures is the most visually appealing to you; please and thank you.  🙂

Click to enlarge.

1 2 3

Poll closes in one week.

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