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Be A Little Kinder

I Am Bradley Manning

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Roger Waters
Oliver Stone
Daniel Ellsberg
Phil Donahue
Michael Ratner
Alice Walker
Tom Morello
Matt Taibbi
Peter Sarsgaard
Angela Davis
Molly Crabapple
Tim DeChristopher
LT Dan Choi
Bishop George Packard
Russell Brand
Allan Nairn
Chris Hedges
Wallace Shawn
Adhaf Soueif
Josh Stieber
Michael Ratner

The Beginning Of The End For The Mainstream Media!

Just Because It Always Has, Doesn’t Mean It Always Will

It Need Not Be This Way

Take ’em, Have ’em, Make ’em

…Or It Will Change For The Worse

Iceberg! Dead Ahead!

The OccuPie


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