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MIA: Update

It would appear that HTnD is going to be a feast or famine style blog with me out here working on the road.  I’ll post as much as I can, when I can, and hopefully a balance will emerge from the chaos.  If not, I will continue to do what I can, when I can, and hope that it is enough to keep you coming back.  😉

Our van is back up and running.  The motor needed to be replaced and then it turned out there was a bit more that needed work before we got back out on the road.  In total we were down for just over a week.  Since then it’s been feast or famine work (leaning heavily to the famine side).  To find a balance in that department would be nice too.  Whatever the case, we’ll make the best of it.

Thanks again to everyone that has been sharing their favorite HTnD finds with the world at large.  Sharing is caring.  🙂  It’s always nice to see visitors coming here by way of a reblogged post, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest…  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Peace & (((((HUGS)))))  :)

Where’ve You Been? July 2012 Edition

For those of you following this adventure, I’ve already managed to squeeze in a couple of small visits with my dad.  He still hasn’t had a date set for his surgery, and I’m not sure if they are going to.  The doctor said my dad’s looking as good if not better than he was two years ago.  The cause of his illness is still a mystery.  They are keeping a close eye on him and they’ve taken him off of some of his medications (not because he’s doing so much better, but because of poorly prescribed meds, and experimental musical chairs ” how do you feel now?” type stuff).

Work has been going well; better than expected.  Re-beginners luck?  Time will tell.  They’ve been keeping us much busier than this poor blog can handle.  Sorry for the potholes around here.  I keep meaning to do a bunch of pre-posting, but I’m always lacking the time, the energy, or both.  In my line of work I never know when the next job is coming, where it will take me, how long it will take, or how much time I will have off once that job is complete (this can literally be minutes, hours or days).  Hopefully I will find some balance in the near future.  🙂

Drive To Work…

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