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Now This Is A 1% I Understand

Wealth Inequality In America

The One Percent

In this eye-opening documentary, filmmaker Jamie Johnson examines the gap that exists between America’s poor and the 1 percent of the population that controls half the country’s wealth. Johnson, himself an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, interviews Milton Friedman, Bill Gates Sr., Steve Forbes and other wealthy men, revealing the enormous social and political effect financial disparity has on America’s current state.

Above is the blurb from Netflix, where I watched this film on demand.  If you don’t have access to Netflix, try Amazon Prime or some other streaming movie service.  If none of those are an option, try checking with your local library.  If they don’t have it, request that they get it.  ;)   Below is the trailer and full film.  😀

Is It Just Me Or Does That First Guy Look Like Kermit The Frog?


The Master Of My Master Is My Master


Ignorance = Submissive Slave

We Are The 100% (Some Assembly Required)

We Are The 100%

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