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Warning: this video has been age-restricted on YouTube due to its graphic nature.  Viewer discretion is advised.  With that being said, I strongly suggest this documentary to everyone 18 years of age or older.  “Earthlings” is a documentary about animals.  We have them as pest, we eat them, we wear them, they entertain us and we share a planet with them.  Earthlings takes a look at how they are treated all along the way and I found it quite shocking.  I went in knowing what to expect and was still shocked.  As bad as you may think it is, unless you already know, you have no idea.  If you are an animal lover, it won’t be easy, but I still think you should see this.  If you eat meat, you need to know where that meat comes from, from inception to plate.  Own a fur coat, leather jacket, wallet, shoes…  you should know the story behind these items.  Don’t be blind to the facts; know what you are voting for when you purchase such items.  Watch the entire film below.

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