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Skim Milk And Acne

One response to “Skim Milk And Acne

  1. Mad Crochet Scientist January 11, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Interesting that it had nothing to do with added hormones and good point about “milk being designed to make things grow.” I drank a LOT of milk as a kid and had cystic acne as a teenager. Not fun. Back then, milk was highly recommended for us though and nobody questioned it. These days, though I’m not following a strict vegan diet, dairy products are low on my list of foods as are breads. I find I suffer much less brain fog with them out of my diet.

    I hear you on the “brain fog”. Mental clarity was one of the big changes I noticed after I changed my eating habits. For people who have no intentions of going vegan, I always recommend giving up dairy (and eggs), or at least cutting back. I also suggest cutting back on all other animal products as well. 😉 The less of them you eat, the better for your health.

    I try to take it easy on the breads as well. I eat the occasional tortilla, and if and when I have pasta, it’s gotta be whole wheat, but even that’s been less and less.

    Peter Parkour

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