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Daily Archives: December 23, 2013


Want To Live Long And Prosper?

Stop Bull Fighting

Stick It To The Man With Strawberry Jam

No, That’s Not My Signature On That Contract

“…None Has Affected Me As Profoundly…”

Here, Try A FREE Sample Of Meat And Cheese

Texas Longhorns: Vegan

A Delicate Balance

a delicate balance

If you watched the movie “Forks Over Knives” and enjoyed it, “A Delicate Balance” is a great follow up film I believe you will also like.  If you haven’t seen “Forks Over Knives” that’s ok; one movie doesn’t depend on the other.  Both are great documentaries well worth watching.  It is chocked full of information regarding our food, environment and the impact our choices have on both.  Below is an extended trailer and the full film.  Enjoy!  🙂

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