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Rise Of The Planet Of The 99%

One response to “Rise Of The Planet Of The 99%

  1. rsmithing October 26, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    Nice. I’m really digging some of the artwork this whole thing is starting to inspire. It’s amazing to watch it unfold through social media, too. Could this have even happened 20 years ago?

    Thank you. The current vibe and all it brings is amazing. 20 Years ago? If it could have, I think it would have. The message was there, but the vehicle for distribution was lacking. These are not new thoughts and ideas by a long shot. What’s different now is we’ve entered the information age which is helping to open the eyes of the masses at an exponential rate. Add to that the 1% yanking on the chains of the 99% now harder than ever; something was bound to happen.

    Peter Parkour

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