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9/11 – The Hard Facts

2 responses to “9/11 – The Hard Facts

  1. truthfulmedia May 24, 2013 at 1:33 am

    Some good points made here, and I love the fact that it’s been made into a video. The only flaw I’ve noticed at first glance is that most of the alleged 85 video recordings have been released. However, we do know for certain that at least 16 are still being withheld. I cover this and many other aspects of 9/11 in my most recent post. If you find it to be useful, please consider sharing it with as many people as possible:


    Kind regards,

    Thanks for stopping in, T, and for taking the time to leave a comment. That’s a lot of information you have there. I’m gonna have to check that out in the near future. Thanks again.

    Peter Parkour

  2. Abandon TV May 24, 2013 at 4:23 am

    Some comments on these ‘facts’ (up to fact number 10, when I got bored)

    1) Bentham is a ‘vanity journal’ (you pay a fee to have your papers published by them). The peer review process of Bentham was tested when a paper consisting of meaningless garbage was deliberately submitted …. and it was accepted (upon payment of the fee). If the thermite theory can only get published by a vanity journal like Bentham what does that tell you about the scientific validity of the thermite theory?

    2) AE911 cannot honestly claim to be interested in the truth. This is because they admit to censoring key evidence and silently banning members for discussing this evidence on their ‘member profiles’. Several people have reported this happening to them. LINK Only in an Orwellian nightmare world could a ‘truth movement’ exist which admits censoring the truth…. and its members find this acceptable! LOL

    3) According to the seismic data (which ranks as solid, empirical evidence) WTC7 did not ‘collapse’ for any reason, not even controlled demo. The seismic signal (0.6) barely registered above background noise and was the equivalent of just a few stories slamming to the ground. A signal strength of 0.6 is not consistent with 47 stories weighing 230,000 tons slamming into the ground in 6.5 secs. Further analysis indicates the building was largely turned to dust before it hit the ground (as were the twin towers). Dust settling on the ground (or being blown away by the wind) does not generate a seismic signal. Neither fire OR controlled demolitions can convert a building mostly to dust before it even hits the ground. The evidence therefore rules out controlled demolition.

    The Twin towers also generated an ‘impossibly’ small seismic signal and also appeared to turn mostly to dust in mid air. The dust was so thick it blocked out the sun for several minutes (pitch black). Steel can be observed turning to dust in mid air. LINK. In addition 16 people survived at the base of WTC1 inside the core. None of them were squished by a building weighing 500,000 tons collapsing onto their heads (as it would even with a controlled demo). And none of them were showered with molten metal or burning thermite either despite being right next to all those core columns. If you mention any of this hard evidence (not theory) on AE911 truth and you will be censored and silently banned.

    4) Yes it’s true that the BBC reported WTC7’s demise in advance. Other channels reported planes flying into the Empire State Building and that 1 Liberty Plaza had collapsed. The BBC were probably being fed a script, but it’s not hard evidence and can’t be proven either way… so why does the ‘truth movement’ focus so heavily on this issue, while censoring more damning hard evidence?

    5) Norman Minetta’s testimony makes no logical sense. For simplicity let’s assume the alleged plane was travelling at 600 mph (in reality it was a little slower than that). 600 mph means it’s travelling at 10 miles per minute. Minetta claims someone kept going away and then coming back to report the plane being 40 miles out….. 30 miles out…. 20 miles out…. Was this guy on roller skates?! 10 miles per minute leaves him with only 15 seconds to report the plane’s position, 15 seconds to get back to his department, 15 seconds to determine the plane’s new position and 15 seconds to get back to Cheney’s office again!

    This ridiculous story makes no sense but it does reinforce the idea that a real plane really was headed towards the Pentagon, yet the hole in the wall and lack of plane debris suggests no plane hit the building. Why does the ‘truth movement’ choose to promote Minetta’s testimony at face value when it is clearly ridiculous on every level? Why don’t they point out that Minetta has been part of the government inner circle since the Clinton administration and he used to be head of Lockheed Martin, a major military industrial corporation which also happens to be involved in directed energy weapons technology? Would Minetta really testify against the government and the military industrial complex, or is it more likely he was putting an ‘easter egg’ of disinfo out there for truthers to find?

    6) While true, this is not damning evidence.
    7) While true, this is not damning evidence.
    8) While true, this is not damning evidence.

    9) The reports were of explosions, but not necessarily bombs. In any case bombs can’t account for the physical evidence (seismic data, dustification of steel, lack of debris, lack of damage to the bathtub, the 16 survivors in WTC1, the ongoing fuming at ground zero for years, the disappearance of 3000 porcelain toilets, all the marble, all the filing cabinets except one, all desks, chairs, computers, phones and 1500 people etc) and so the presence (or not) of bombs is largely irrelevant. So why focus on it? Why focus everyone’s attention on a side issue which can never be proved either way anyway? Are you seeing a pattern yet?

    10) There’s no hard evidence of hot molten metal at ground zero. No cooled ‘blob’ of previously molten metal was ever discovered during the clean up operation. The famous picture promoted by Steven Jones of firemen staring down into the inferno turned out to have been doctored. The original picture (a still from a video) showed a white search lamp shining into the debris, not an orange glow coming from any molten metal. The ‘inferno in the rubble’ was misinfo/ disinfo to explain the ongoing fuming of the debris. However, this fuming was NOT smoke or steam from heat. It was some kind of ongoing cold molecular breakdown which was observed continuing for years – well after any heat would have dissipated. We also have Bankers Trust which was repaired and then immediately dismantled again piece by piece. It appeared to be suffering from the same ongoing molecular dissociation. Maybe this strange after effect is why for several years truckloads of dirt were brought into the site, spread about, scooped up and trucked out again. Tritium was also found at ground zero. Tritium is produced in cold fusion (a low energy nuclear reaction). Cold fusion (LENR) was covered up/ muddled up in the 90’s by by a certain Steven Jones…. who pops up again in 2005 to help muddle up/ cover up the evidence of 9/11 with his thermite nonsense. Any ‘coincidence theorists’ out there?

    In summary, there’s enough truth in this video to appear credible… but enough misinfo/ disinfo and omissions of key evidence to ensure the average truth seeker is put on totally the wrong track. This is exactly how cover ups work – put a bit of truth out there but mix it up with lots of disinfo and white noise. This ensures even well meaning ‘truthers’ end up promoting the coverup by repeating the disinfo and focussing on the distractions and non-issues.

    The official story (19 bad guys with boxcutters) and the official alternative story (controlled demolition using thermite/ nukes/ bombs) are BOTH cover stories. Neither theory addresses, let alone explains the empirical evidence. All they do is divide the public into opposing factions who spend all their time and energy arguing and bashing the other team’s theory for being wrong…. people are so emotionally attached to their ‘team’ and so busy arguing that they never look at the evidence properly. As soon as people start questioning the official story (lie number one) – they are immediately herded into the ‘truth movement’ and given a crash course in ‘lie number two’ (controlled demo) before they’ve even had a chance to look at the evidence by themselves.

    It’s just like politics/ religion. Divide and conquer.

    After more than a decade most 9/11 truthers are still completely ignorant of the basic facts about 9/11….. The only person to talk about ALL the evidence (and the only person in the world to have actually submitted this evidence in a bone fide legal challenge) is universally shunned, attacked, ridiculed by ALL sides. That is telling.

    As the saying goes “The flak is aways greatest when you’re right over the target”… LINK

    Thanks for stopping in, ATV, and for taking the time to leave a monster sized comment. 😉 Also, thank you for adding to and continuing the conversation.

    Peter Parkour

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