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Future Learning

2 responses to “Future Learning

  1. Jewels March 24, 2013 at 7:21 am

    Very interesting! This makes me feel the same way as I did after watching Zeitgeist in regard to whether people would ever be able to accept a non-monetary system because of how ingrained it is in our society. Education has been done the same way for so long I just don’t know if people would accept it being done any differently. More people need to come together and collaborate and put things like this video together and present it to educators.

    I worked in the school system for 11 years and there were many teachers that seemed to realize that the current way of teaching children is not working. When they tried to bring new ideas to the classroom (especially in the area of technology) they saw a big difference in the students’ interest in learning and participation in the classroom. Unfortunately, they often met with great opposition from the school board and many of their ideas were shot down. Most teachers just want children to enjoy learning and they are willing to try and do whatever it takes to facilitate that. It’s the higher “powers that be” who need to be sold on this new way.

    The bummer is that the bottom line, again, probably comes down to money, and if no one can make money off of a new and different way, then they won’t want to do it.

    But we can hope…

    I liked this one, Peter. Thanks for sharing!

    • Peter Parkour March 24, 2013 at 8:28 am

      As always, Jewels, you are very welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Slowly but surely, changes are coming. This internet thingy is a powerful tool. 😉 It levels the playing field like nothing else. Thoughts and ideas being shared worldwide at the speed of now.

      Did you happen to catch Zoe Weil’s TED Talk and interview posted just before this video (also education related)? I would love to see her thoughts, ideas and passions for humane education join up with The Zeitgeist Movement to create a homeschooling platform that could be shared on the net.

      A couple more educational talks you may find of interest by Ken Robinson are Schools Kill Creativity and Bring On The Learning Revolution. The seeds are planted, the conversations are taking place, the transition is all around us. 🙂

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