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The Wall Street Creed

One response to “The Wall Street Creed

  1. pumpkin January 19, 2013 at 9:28 am

    No kidding..My son Andrew went to live with his dad in July, because my husband and I were having behavior issues with him .When I had him come home in December, his step mother told everyone that the only reason I wanted him home was because of the tax return, she was wanting the tax money. I told her that if I was as nasty and as petty as she is, I would have filed for child support when she married my ex.
    The true reason I brought him home is because he wasn’t going to school, I was worried about him living with his dad and step mom who were in over their heads in debt and had child protective services constantly visiting, because of his step mothers bad parenting skills. Andrew missed 42 days of school while he was living with them, so he could babysit his younger siblings…and his dad and step mom didn’t get in trouble for it.

    Keep doing the right things for the right reasons and don’t worry about what anybody else thinks about it. 😉 I hope things mellow out with Andrew.

    Peter Parkour

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