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Some Dietary Supplements May Be More Than A Waste Of Money

One response to “Some Dietary Supplements May Be More Than A Waste Of Money

  1. Jack Silverman January 10, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Man, I have had a stomache ache for two days. I think I am getting appendicitus (you don’t have to spell it right to get it). Never eat cheese before going to sleep. That is some advice someone once gave me. I DID eat my veggies, PP, but I mixed in a lot of other stuff. I bought “Irish” butter. What difference does it make if it is made in Ireland? They sell IRISH butter, did you know that? I ate all kinds of stuff, including a delicious large Mexican tomato. But, in the last two days, the CHEESE (and especially the butter, I am getting a little suspicious of that stuff — esp. this “Irish” nonsense) is winning over the veggies. Or else they’re fighting it out in my stomach. Iam FOR the tomatoes, but I think the cheese, crackers and beer are winning. HELP!!!

    Have you considered going vegan, J-Man? Bare minimum, I would give up dairy, Irish or otherwise. Take it easy on the beer too. 😉 If the pain is all that bad, I’d suggest a trip to the emergency room; appendicitis is no laughing matter. Take good care of yourself, J-Man, you’re the only you you’ve got.

    Peter Parkour

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