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Everyone Is Invited To Give It A Try—I Triple-Dog-Dare You (6)


For Best Results – What Is/Isn’t On The Menu? (Part 2)


What to avoid:

  • Oil

  • Processed Foods (TV dinners, mixes, white rice, etc.)

  • Processed Sugar (in all its forms: high fructose corn syrup, etc. )

  • GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

  • Artificial Sweeteners

  • Smoking

  • NOTE: If you must, keep it to a minimum, or look for healthier alternatives


What not to drink:

  • Soda (regular and diet)

  • Energy Drinks

  • Fruit Flavored Drinks

  • Fruit Cocktails

  • Flavored Water

  • Sports Water

  • Sports Drinks

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Caffeinated Beverages (coffee, tea)

  • NOTE: If you must, keep it to a minimum


What to drink:

  • Water (always the #1 answer, 16+ oz per meal, any time you’re thirsty)

  • Coconut Water

  • 100% Fruit/Vegetable Juice/Smoothie (the fresher, the better)

  • Almond/Soy Milk (other nut/seed milks), keep to a minimum


What to eat:

  • The more fresh fruits and vegetables, the better.

  • Include avocado, keep it to a minimum (it’s high in fat)

  • Include nuts and seeds, keep them to a minimum (beware of added oil)

  • Include grains, keep them to a minimum

  • Include beans and legumes, keep them to a minimum

  • Include pasta, keep it to a minimum (serve al dente)

  • Pasta Sauce, keep it to a minimum (no sugar, no oil, hard to find, but it’s out there)

  • Dry fruit is alright, beware of added ingredients, keep it to a minimum


Herbs and seasonings:

  • Fresh herbs and seasonings are best

  • Dry herbs and seasonings are fine

  • No chemical ingredients (MSG)

  • No mystery ingredients (“spices”, natural flavors, these could be anything)

  • Salt is alright in moderation (restricted salt diets, listen to your doctor)


A typical day menu for Mr. P (warning – I am very picky and not the healthiest of eaters):

  • Breakfast: fruit/vegetable smoothie – (may or may not include, but not limited to) kale and/or broccoli, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger, carrot, banana

  • 2nd Breakfast: oatmeal – raisins, banana, cocoa powder or cinnamon, raw nuts (almond, pecan, walnut), freshly ground flax seed (no added oil or milk added to dish, sweetened with fruit)

  • Lunch: organic corn pasta, pasta sauce (sauce free of sugar and oil, no oil added), nutritional yeast

  • Dinner: beans, brown jasmine rice, quinoa, nutritional yeast (no oil added to dish), hot sauce (aged cayenne red pepper, distilled vinegar, water, salt and garlic powder) or Cajun seasoning (salt, red pepper, black pepper and garlic)

  • Snacks: banana, apple, grapes, dates, nuts (raw and/or roasted/salted, no other ingredients)

  • Drinks: water (16+ oz per meal or when thirsty), almond/organic soy milk on occasion, more water  😉


Other important tips:

  • Keep track of your progress

  • Stay active

  • Don’t hurt yourself

  • Make sure you are getting enough calories (eat when you are hungry)

  • Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep

  • Enjoy  🙂


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