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Everyone Is Invited To Give It A Try—I Triple-Dog-Dare You (2)


Why 30 days?  Some people like three weeks, while others prefer four.  Myself and others like 30 days.  For me, 30 days is what most people think of as a month.  30 is a nice round number.  It worked for me and Bunny (and Bunny’s parents), and I hope it works for you too.

As with pretty much any new diet, the first week will be the hardest.  There will be some irritability and crankiness.  This is perfectly normal.  You are going to be putting good stuff in, bad stuff will be coming out and you will experience mild withdraws (headache, irritability, sluggishness).

Week two should be much easier.  The withdraws should be gone, your energy should be on the rise and your cravings for animal products will be subsiding.  You will be over the first hurdle and making great strides.

Weeks three and four should be smooth sailing.  At this point there’s nothing to it, but to do it.  After that, only two more days to complete your 30-day-vegan-challenge.  Time to look back, reflect and decide where to go from here.  I’m hoping forward, not back.

If you get to three weeks and want to quite, congratulations on getting to the three week mark, and I’m sorry it wasn’t for you, but thank you for giving it a try.  🙂  If you make it to four weeks, the same goes for you, only more of it.  😉  If you make it two more days than the others, a whole 30 days, you are awesome!  😀  Where you go from there is up to you.

What say you?

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