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Monthly Archives: October 2012

“Doh! Did I Say That Out Loud?”

Owned & Operated By…

Turning A Blind Eye Doesn’t Change These Facts

TiVo To The Rescue (NOOOooo…!!!)

Just The Facts, Ma’am

…Freedom… Democracy… God Bless You… God Bless America…

The Eagle Has Fallen

WHEN WE GROW, This Is What We Can Do

“When We Grow…This Is What We Can Do” is an educational documentary concerning the facts about cannabis. In this feature length documentary we explore everything there is, from industrial hemp to medicinal cannabis use, from the origins of cannabis prohibition to the legality of growing equipment.

A film by Seth Finegold and presented by Luke Bailey.

You Want To Fight Terror? Spread The Knowledge!

Fascism 101

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