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Falling From The Sky

3 responses to “Falling From The Sky

  1. Richard McCargar September 30, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    There is no economist who believes we can lubricate machinery with sunlight, nor that believes the we have a clean way to harvest energy from the sun.

    I built a semiconductor company, and the substrates we used, are used in a lower-tech fashion to make solar-panels. The dirty little secret in the environmental movement is that they completely ignore the vast quantities of terrible chemicals, and tremendous amount of energy that is necessary to make solar-panels.

    Does that matter to you? Do you care?

    It matters to me—I care. Luckily the world doesn’t depend on the beliefs of economists. There’s more than one way to harvest energy from the sun, all of which are becoming more and more efficient and cleaner as time goes on. Cleaner than oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear. Solar power isn’t the only alternative either; let’s not forget wind, wave, tidal, geothermal and with time, lightning itself. With the help of more scientists and fewer economist, the world will be a better, brighter place. Oh, and I suppose we could lubricate machinery with vegetable oil. 😉

    Peter Parkour

    • Peter Parkour September 30, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      Final thought, RM—No wars over sunshine. 🙂

    • Richard McCargar September 30, 2012 at 3:24 pm

      Wars have been fought over land, and will continue. It need not have oil beneath it. It only needs to be in a place others want. Could be for strategic safety reasons, weather, arable land, minerals, etc. Oil is just one of the few, but necessary.

      I am not against developing new technology, I spent my life designing new tech and building a worldwide company. What I am against, is cheer-leading technologies that one doesn’t understand.

      Frequently run into people who believe all new technologies are clean technologies, and they are not typically clean.

      Vegetable oil comes at the expense of food oil, and breaks down dramatically fast, which means more is required.

      Never surprises me that those who are the biggest proponents typically have no scientific nor business background.

      If you think with seven billion people, we are going to accomplish anything, scientific or otherwise, without the input of economists, you don’t understand the world in which you live.

      Are you an engineer? Scientist? Anything beyond advocate?

      I wasn’t suggesting that solar power would end all wars; only that it would reduce reasons for war. With that being said, the more clean, renewable energies we have available to us, the closer to free that energy will be, leading to even fewer excuses for war. We’re going to have to agree to disagree on oil being necessary.


      We give up sugar for fuel. We give up grain and water for meat. We can afford to give up some food oils to help turn the cogs of change.

      My lack of credentials or experience in the economics game doesn’t diminish my ability to think, grasp or understand topics.

      If you believe economists hold the answers to our problems, chances are I won’t have any impact on that view.

      I’m not making any claims of what I am or am not. I’m someone who cares. I do what I can and I will continue to move forward.

      Peter Parkour

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