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More Effective Than A Ring Through The Nose

One response to “More Effective Than A Ring Through The Nose

  1. Jewels September 22, 2012 at 8:18 am

    I would say… if you want to control a population, give them money to worship, convince them that money and material things are the path to happiness and the true sign of success. Lull them into a false sense of security in that money, all the while also inundating them with advertisements for products they must have, and meaningless entertainment, and don’t forget to dumb them down by pumping them full of prescription medications and taking away their ability to think for themselves. Then take away that money and make them dependent on the government for their basic needs. Oh and also don’t forget to be working behind the scenes to control the world’s food and water supply.

    While “organized religion” may seek to control people in some form, the worshiping of God does not ~ doing so only makes me be filled with more love and appreciation for the earth and the people on it.

    Yes, you are right, ma’am, on both accounts; the money and the “organized religion”. Spirituality in and of itself is not the issue. I would go so far as to label myself as a spiritual person (of a non religious sort). But, religion is all too often used as a tool of control. “God bless you and god bless America” at the end of every presidential speech is there for a reason. Wars are justified with religion. People vote with their religion. People buy with their religion. All too many choices are blinded made in the name of religion that aren’t in the best interest of the ones making the choices, much less their fellow humans or the planet for that matter. If you can be a spiritual person without being a religious puppet, more power to you. Just be aware of those strings. They are there and they are all too affective.

    Thank you for your input, Jewels. You were spot on with the money. 😉

    Peter Parkour

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