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The Votes Are In And The Winner Is…


If you didn’t get a chance to vote or to see all of the contestants, you can click HERE for all the details.  😉  Thank you very much to all of you that participated in the poll.  Wouldn’t you know, Bunny picked the winner in advance.  My personal choice was #3, and that’s where the poll came in.  🙂  Thanks again everyone.

One response to “The Votes Are In And The Winner Is…

  1. Teeni August 14, 2012 at 5:42 am

    It is perfect and will do the job nicely! Personally, I think Bunny just likes the fingers on the hand in the V-shape because it reminds her of bunny ears! LOL! Just teasing! I’ll be looking for this graphic on your blog!

    “Bunny ears” that may very well be it. 😛 The pic has already made its way into my sidebar’s rotation and already working its way down. Every time I work on the blog I try to randomly pic two pics from the bottom six and bring them to the top. This new one started out in the top position just below my Gravatar, and it replaced the old “Vegan, it does a planet good” pic.

    Peter Parkour

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