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Ending World Hunger… Easy

One response to “Ending World Hunger… Easy

  1. Teeni June 26, 2012 at 4:51 am

    I love hydro and aero phonics. The best part is that they allow for the growth of REAL food and not GMOs to feed the world. Also, they do not depend on soil contaminated by careless or greedy humans. I would like to make a smaller version of that vertical tower in my own garden!

    It is quite the inspirational vision. We need some altruistic humanitarians to start building at least one in every major city, and one in every city in major need of food. You are absolutely right about the ‘real food’ (organic) aspect. I love the idea of a world where the word organic isn’t even needed, because all of the food is organic, but it would just be referred to as, food. 😉 Be sure to post some pics once your tower is up. 😀 That really would be sooo cool.

    Peter Parkour

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