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Do Medical Terms Offend You? Should The Dictionary Be Banned?

One response to “Do Medical Terms Offend You? Should The Dictionary Be Banned?

  1. jack June 18, 2012 at 11:19 am

    “I asked that they not force their religious views on me. In closing, I told them that I was flattered in their interest in my vagina, but no means no.

    Apparently, that was too much for House leadership to bear.

    The next day, I was told I wouldn’t be allowed to speak on behalf of my constituents on the House floor. Thursday was the last day of session before legislators went home for the summer, and a lot of work was getting done. There were proposals on funding teacher pensions and reducing income taxes – issues my constituents find very important. But I wasn’t allowed to speak up for them. Because I had dared say “vagina” the day before.”

    Awesome addition there, Jack, for those not in the know. Thank you.

    Peter Parkour

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