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I Can Rest Peacefully ;)

2 responses to “I Can Rest Peacefully ;)

  1. Simple Theologian June 1, 2012 at 3:14 am

    Clever, but the reality is everyone perishes if you believe in neither. Existence ceases after death or you might be re-incarnated as a flower. If you don’t believe in anything there is no life after death. Yes, no one will go to hell or heaven but then we really need to focus on contributing back to society?

    we really need to focus on contributing back to society” YES! You are right, Sir! We only get one crack at this and no one’s getting out of here alive. You will be recycled, but not reincarnated. Now is the time. Make your life count for something. Be loving, caring, do plenty of sharing, keep the kindness coming and do it all with a smile. 😉

    Thanks for stopping in, ST, and for taking the time to comment.

    Peter Parkour

  2. cfslave June 3, 2012 at 12:21 am

    I’m just curious. Why are you so sure that we only get one crack at this? Where is the scientific proof? If 5 billion people died at the same time, where would all that energy go, because it can’t be destroyed or lost?
    As a sidenote how do we know that 6.5 billion people’s body heat isn’t contributing to global warming? If 6.5 billion people pass gas, doesn’t that put huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere, especially if they are primarily vegetarians and vegans?

    PP: One crack: that is where my life experiences and the overwhelming lack of empirical evidence leads me to. It’s not because of proof, but because of lack there of.

    As for the energy, it is stored within our cells. We’re not like a light switch and bulb, off or on, alive or dead. We’re more like trees. Well, not exactly, but for the purpose of explaining it… When a tree dies all of it’s stored up energy remains in the tree until it is eaten by/transferred to termites, or released if the tree catches fire. Yeah, it’s something like that.

    Bunny just made me rethink my ‘energy’ answer. If you are referring to our ‘life force’ (for lack of a better term) when you say ‘energy’, then maybe we are more like a light bulb, or a space heater. When we ‘burn out’ we cease to process energy; the circuit is broken. We cease to eat, we cease to process fuel, we cease to be. We have run our course at that point. We have completed our circle/cycle of life.

    Side note: 6.5 billion people’s body heat and gaseous emotions are contributing to global warming. To What degree is the real concern of any given source. Vegans only make up approximately 2.5% of the US population (globally? I’m guessing less), compared with more than 65 Billion land animals (globally) killed each year for food, I’m guessing we are the lesser of the two contributing groups (6.5 vs 65 billion).

    As to your “one crack” and then ‘be recycled”, I remember having memories from a past time, as a small child of being a small girl child struggling through the edge of a reed bed to help someone whom I believed to be my mother. I also have memories of being in a temple with huge columns with a male sibling who was older than myself, where we were discovered and he ran away and hid behind some thick green curtains and was gone forever as far as I knew.
    I still occasionally have these dreams and wake myself to try and record anything new or interpret what I have just experienced in the dream.

    PP: I have explicit memories of being able to fly as a child of about three years old. These memories are so vivid, I could swear I used to fly around my living room. I must have lost that ability shortly there after, because I’ve been earthbound ever since. As for dreams, I have this reoccurring dream where as an adult I am living in my childhood home. The space between the roof and ceiling has become home to the largest swarm of bees I’ve never seen. There are so many of them up there, with so much honey, that the roof starts to cave in in spots with honey stretching, dripping and running down into the house. I always wake up at that point. Every now and then I have the occasional flying dream as well. I’m pretty sure I never actually flew, and I’m not sure what’s up with all the bees and honey dreams.

    Many people don’t believe that we can even remember before a certain age.
    When I was 11 months old I was put into hospital with pneumonia and clearly remember the crib-like bed that they put me into. I wanted my parents who had left but I couldn’t tell anyone so I cried and cried. I even remember the cold dark trip in an old one ton truck on the way to the hospital, complete with smells that were always in that vehicle, leather seats and the hot rubber as the water passed into the cab heater.
    When I was 6, I went back to the same hospital for a tonsillectomy and while I was recovering, I purposely went scouting for the room that I had been in as a baby/toddler. I found it and identified the bed that I had been in, justifying my memory to myself.

    PP: It’s my understanding that 18 months tends to be when the brain develops it’s long term memory, but there are almost always exceptions to every rule. Some babies are born with teeth. Some children reach puberty sooner while others get there later. I have a memory from a very young age where I woke up early one morning while everyone else was still sleeping. I went around checking in on everyone in the house. The weird part about this is that it felt like I was doing it for the first time ever; as if every memory before that point was a dream, or a TV show, but right then and there, that was real, like never before. That’s one that’s always stayed with me. I always wish I had more pictures from my childhood; fuel for memories.

    If I told you how I feel right now, at this time it would make a lot of people laugh but it explains why I am who I am and why I feel the way I feel.
    No, I don’t agree with you about the “one crack…” or with Christian teachings about life and death.

    PP: Few if any will ever truly know what goes on between our ears 100% of the time. Your own personal private ‘you’. We all tend to share most of what goes on in there, but I’m pretty sure we all hold back just a little. Whether it’s fear of laughter, guilt or just keeping the mystery alive, it’s the only real privacy in life. Our thoughts are ours and ours alone until we choose otherwise. The good news? We don’t have to agree all the time. There are an infinite number of wrong answers out there, and only the tiniest sliver of a fraction of right ones. We like to think we are right all the time, but if we are honest with ourselves, we should know better than that. Life is a never ending lesson to the living. All we have are our life’s experiences that lead us to where we are and makes us who we are. Beyond that? We’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

    Peter Parkour

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