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The Master Of My Master Is My Master

One response to “The Master Of My Master Is My Master

  1. adimauro May 13, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    This is exactly why I don’t vote…it’s useless. It’s the biggest scam. Both parties are controlled by the same people. One tells the left what they want to hear, the other the right, and all along they are taking two different paths to the same agenda. That’s the reason why only two parties are allowed even a chance of winning. The whole purpose of the left/right nonsense is to divide the people. And this agenda is accelerating. Think about how much the hate has grown between the left and the right recently? It’s all by design to take away the power of the people.

    Just like in the cartoon…if the 99% stop pulling the cart, the 1% lose ALL of their power. But it only works if ALL of us stop pulling the cart together. It really is that simple, which is why they have to keep us divided and policing each other. Our only hope is to come together and stop participating in their horrible game. That really is all it takes. The reason why people are ridiculed and laughed and called ‘stupid hippies’ if they say ‘love is the answer’ is because LOVE REALLY IS THE ANSWER! And they don’t want anyone to find out. That’s why the news and even ‘entertainment’ only focuses on hate and violence.

    Stop the hate. Love your neighbor. It’s our only hope.

    Bravo, adimauro, very well said. I agree with you 100% Keep spreading the word and the love. More and more people are starting to wake up. This love revolution is gaining momentum. Power to the people. 🙂

    Peter Parkour

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