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It’s A Crime

One response to “It’s A Crime

  1. cfslave April 14, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    So, I would assume that this refers to something taken from the Bible. If one reads with an eye to the situation of this document, you will see that the God of the Israelites, entered into a covenanent with same. He commanded them not to waste reproductive fluids,by masturbation or having sex
    when women were not fertile. He followed with homosexual activity since there was no reproduction. He commanded tribal purity(the chosen people only); not marrying outside of the nation (which Abraham/ Ibrahim definitely screwed up, literally, and for which Jews and Muslims fight one another to this day).

    These were directives to increase the tribes within the covenant. They were enforced harshly to prevent such things as the Jew vs. Muslim clash of today. However,after Jesus, tolerance was given as the new way and because the Jews had screwed up so badly the covenant was opened to Gentiles…us. If this were any other way we would still be killing our children for disobedience or selling our daughters into slavery*. Our/ their privelege of judgement was removed because only perfection could judge imperfection…and we haven’t got it.

    I admit to having a great deal of trouble with the way Christianity is evolving in particularly North America. I believe that most practices that are referred to as “Christian tradition” are blasphemous or near blasphemous. I believe that at least one protestant denomination is an invention of people who wanted a truly American based religion.

    No wonder atheists abound.

    *Just a note. Although slavery was permitted under Mosaic law, all slaves were to be freed every seventh year.

    While all of that may have influenced that which influenced the creator of this infographic, the way I understand it, it’s referring simply to the BS laws preventing those in the GLBT community from marrying, adopting and other such rights that everyone else has.

    Peter Parkour

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