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Monthly Archives: September 2011

My Best Friend: March 1972 – September 2011

I met him in junior high but it wasn’t until a couple of years later in high school that we became the best of friends. We were each others inspirations and we were inseparable. We never had a fight; not even an argument. In the summer of 1990 that changed. We had a major falling out and it was just before I was to start a new job in another city. Life took us in different directions and I never saw him again.

I harbored a lot of guilt from then on. I was full of hate, anger and self loathing. I was near impossible to get along with, because I held everyone to impossible standards that I imposed upon myself. I was well on my way to becoming a bitter old man at war with the world.

I never forgot my best friend nor did I ever stop missing him. All this time and distance, he was still my best friend. February 2011, I did a Facebook search for him and found him. Right then and there my life changed.

We exchanged emails for a couple of days while I built up the courage to call him. The first call went great, which led to the next call, and the call after that and so on. I had my best friend back and it was like no time had passed. We picked up right where we left off minus the hurt feelings.

We lived in different states so the friendship was limited to emails and phone calls, but we didn’t let that slow us down. We were laughing, joking and looking forward to when life would give us a chance to hug and  have a face to face conversation.

July 2011, my job on the road takes me home around the same time he is coming to town to visit family. I was nervous all over again, but a huge hug later and an evening of nonstop conversation put that to rest permanently. We managed to squeeze in two other visits and even got some pictures taken together before we both had to return to our regularly scheduled lives.

After that we continued to keep in touch via email, Facebook and hours on the phone. Very recently he told me he was planning on moving back to town where we went to school together and where I currently call home. Our most recent conversations consisted largely of our plans to spend every moment possible making up for lost time. We still had a lot of catching up to do. A million questions to be asked. A million stories to be told.

The last time I talked to him was on Tuesday. He sounded good and was in the process of packing for his move. He expected to be in town this weekend and there was a chance I would be in town when he got there. We were both excited about the prospect of seeing each other again relatively so soon. He cut the call short, because he was pretty busy with a lot of packing ahead of him.

The next day was a pretty busy day for me which stayed that way until pretty late in the evening. Just as I was settling down for the night I noticed that I had a message waiting for me on Facebook. It was his mom “call me as soon as you can, very important”. It was late but I couldn’t not call her. Moments later my worst fears had been confirmed; my best friend was gone.

My heart goes out to all of his friends and family. He was a good man. I love him like a brother and I miss him so much.

A million unasked questions. A million untold stories. If you knew him I would love to hear your stories. You can email me via my Contact page or Facebook.

You can read a little more about him in my About page where he receives honorable mentions. He’s the reason this blog is what it is today. He’s the reason I am the man I am today.

Whether you knew him or not, there is something that he shared with me that I would like to share with everyone else as well. He turned me on to a documentary a while back that has changed my life forever more. It’s not a religious film, but you would think it was considering the effect it had on me. It gave me a sense of spirituality that I never had before. It gave me the ability to forgive (myself and others), which I previously thought I was incapable of. It opened my eyes in countless ways. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation to anything.

This documentary, which came out in the early part of this year, whether he mentioned it to you or not, was a big part of his life. It had given him focus and direction that was part of our conversations to the end. On behalf of him and I, I strongly recommend this documentary to everyone.

Occupy Wall Street: Day 12

While the protest taking place in New York City is getting very little attention in the main stream media, I am amazed at some of the attention it is getting as witnessed in the two video clips below.  With that being said, I am also dumbfounded by how many people have no idea this is taking place at all.  How many people have to be without jobs and homes before America wakes up and gets mad as hell?  The peaceful protesters in New York City (not to mention 50+ other locations around the country world) say the time is now.  Don’t let the main stream media be your only source for what is going on in the world.  This is the information age.  Open your eyes to the world around you, then talk about it, share it…

Trader Tells Truth


This is a global look at our current socioeconomic circumstances and a detailed account of how we got here; very interesting.  I’ve only watched part one so far, but I’m going to watch the rest as soon as I publish this.  🙂

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Ok, I’ve watched them all.  They do a great job of documenting the downing of the financial dominoes all around the globe, but it doesn’t have the happy ending we’ve come to expect at the end of sad stories.  It doesn’t offer up any answers either.  I would go so far as to say it suggests (if not flat out states) there can be no answers.  Well I beg to differ.  There are plenty of answers out there, but those at the top, those with all the money, they are going to do what they can to keep those answers out of view.  They can only play this game for so long, because people around the world are starting to wake up.  It’s only a matter of time.

Solar Roadways: The Prototype

Bunny recently turned me on to this clip, figuring it was right up my alley and she was right.  People always have those “when, where and how” questions, and I am always pleased to offer up such a clip to answer said questions.

The Solar Roadways project is working to pave roads with solar panels that you can drive on. Co-founder Scott Brusaw has made some major steps forward since our first visit back in 2007, so we visited him again earlier this year for an exclusive update on the project, including the first ever video recorded of the Solar Roadways prototype! For more information visit http://www.solarroadways.com . This Solar Roadway project will be featured in the upcoming feature film by YERT – Your Environmental Road Trip. To learn more about YERT, visit http://yert.com . And you can become a fan of YERT on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/YERT-Your-Environmental-Road-Trip/12…

Reclaim Your Mind

The Great Dictator: Remix

You Want Something? Go Get It. Period.

Time To Stand Up

Amazing Speech By War Veteran

Open your ears and your eyes, and when the time is right, your mouth.  Be aware of what is going on around you, and don’t just go along with the masses, speak your mind, speak from your heart, but be sure you are speaking with feeling and not with emotion.  Often time things will evoke emotion from us, but not necessarily well thought out sentences.

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