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Daily Archives: June 18, 2011

Invisible People

Here is another one of my inspirations for the survey:

Invisible People

It’s a You Tube site that is bringing attention to the homeless population here in the United States.  They interview homeless people and one of the questions they always ask is “if you had three wishes what would they be”.

I can’t find the actual clip, but one that really made me  think was a guy that said something to the effect of  his first wish being “that people would treat each other better, and if they did…  …I wouldn’t need the other two wishes”.

I don’t believe that giving money to the homeless helps anyone.  Not them, not you or society in general.  If you want to give money, give it to a shelter or a food bank.  If you want to give something to an individual, buy them something to eat, or maybe even take them to lunch.  You could even volunteer your time at a soup kitchen.

Now that’s  only locally.  Let’s not forget globally there are over 0ne-billion people starving.  That’s one out of every six people on the planet.  Maybe those billionaires need to dig down deep into their pockets and help their fellow man.

This is a bigger topic than I currently have time for, and it does deserve more of my time.

World hunger just added to my list of post topics.

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