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Zeitgeist: Addendum

zeitgeist addendum movie poster


Problem Solving

Jacque Fresco If You Had A Free Society

Never Be Afraid To Do What’s Right

Martin Luther King Jr Never Never

Is Being Vegan Hard? ッ

People ask if being vegan is hard

Carl Sagan Speaks Zeitgeist

A Retired Warlord Shall Show Them The Way

Thich Nhat Hanh Veterans Are The Light

Just Because “That’s The Way It Is” Doesn’t Mean It Should Be

What Do We Want? — CHANGE! — When Do We Want It? — NOW!

George Orwell It Is Not Possible For

Public Awareness

Peter Joseph Basically We're JustTheZeitgeistMovement.com

Truth And Beauty

Jaron Lanier An Economy Where Advertisers Thrive While Journalists And Artist Struggle Reflects The Value Of A Society More Interested In Deception And Manipulation Than In Truth And Beauty


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