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The Profit Motive Strikes Again!

By jove I think I've found a cure for cancer

Nurture Their Nature

Carl Sagan Every Kid Starts Out As


In 1844 While Morse Was Demonstrating His Telegraph In America

N=S/h =P

Scientists Have Announced A New Unit To Accurately Measure Narcissism The Selfie Per Hour

We Need To Terminate The Use Of Fossil Fuels, FAST!!!

Noam Chomsky A Group Of Scientists At MIT

Ego = Chimpanzee2

There's Only About 1% Difference In The DNA Of Chimps & Humans Amazing I'd Have Thought Your Egos Alone Would Make Up 30%



Either Stupid Or Lying, Hmmm???

David Suzuki Any Politician Or Scientist Who Tells You These GMO Products Are Safe Is Either Very Stupid Or Lying

The Dream Team

Click Image To Enlarge

Scientist Old Group Photo Black & White To Color


You Can Lead People To Truth, But You Can’t Make Them Think


Why Do We Continue To Do Some Of The Things We Do


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