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Something To Be Thankful For

Congratulations You Won The Lottery!

GMO Ticking Time Bomb

GMO Ticking Time Bomb

Just Say No to GMO (Music Video)

Seeds Of Death: Unveiling The Lies Of GMO’s

Ego = Chimpanzee2

There's Only About 1% Difference In The DNA Of Chimps & Humans Amazing I'd Have Thought Your Egos Alone Would Make Up 30%



Clone Army Put On Hold ;)

Justice Clarence Thomas Today The Supreme Court Ruled Unanimously That Isolated Human Genes May Not Be Patented


The Confidence & Self Esteeme Fairy Has His Work Cut Out For Him

Don't Worry Darling If The DNA Fairy Doesn't Make You Beautiful Mommy's Doctor Will


I Wonder Who’s Watching Me Now?

Do You Know Who's Watching You

Vaccine Ingredient List

Your Eyes & Ears Are In The 1%


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