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RAP NEWS 9: The Economy – Ron Paul Vs Zeitgeist

Now Go Into Your “Preferences” And…

Now go into your preferences & makeBizarroComics.com

Even Most Of Our Electric Vehicles Run On Gas, Coal And Nuclear Power

1993 2013 Wake Up Why Do We Still Use The Same Gas Engine We Used 100 Years Ago


In 1844 While Morse Was Demonstrating His Telegraph In America

The Future Is Happening — #NobodyPayingAttention

Ctrl + Shift + T

Wrong Click If You Accidently Close A Tab In A Browser

We Met Online

We Met Online


O Ye Of Little Scientific Faith

You Stare Into Your High Definition

Do You Ever Get The Feeling You’re Being Watched?

No Internet Privacy

The Computer Crash Of 2000?

The Computer Crash Of 2000


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