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Lost In Translation

David Cross Back When The Bible Was Written

Can You Guess Which One?

One Of These Is Not In The Bible


Ricky Gervais It's Almost As If The Bible

“Or Bellybuttons For That Matter”

Actually I'm Not Sure Why Either One Of Us Has Nipples

Cherry Picking

Mom Why Does The Bible Say That Slavery Is Okay Just Ignore That Part Son

Bill Maher – Christian Bull$#!t Nailed

Learn How To Think, Not What To Think

Doug Stanhope I Don't Think They

We Come In Peace, Assume The Position

Pontiac They Came With A Bible And Their Religion

The Story Of Salvation (Silly Notion? — Slave Nation?)

The Story Of Salvation Think About It

The History Channel???

People Are Up In Arms Because The Devil In The History Channel Show The Bible Looks Kind Of Like Obama I'm Up In Arms Over The Fact That A Show Called The Bible Is Actually On The History Channel


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