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Beer -Vs- Marijuana

Beer Vs Marijuana

Don’t Spend As I Spend, Spend As I Say Spend

Joe Rogan this homeless guy asked


DIY Beer Can Camping Stove

Caution: it’s fire, be careful.  ;)

Voices In Your Head

Legal -Vs- Illegal

Legal Illegal Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana

Uruguay Leading The Way

Uruguay's President Explains How

Causes Of Rape

Causes Of Rape Slutty Clothes, Alcohol, Television, Minorities, Weather, Rapists

Age Discrimination

I'm Being Sued For Age Discrimination


Want To Understand A Society? Take A Good Look At The Drugs It Uses

Bill Hicks If You Want To Understand A Society Take A Good Look At The Drugs It Uses

Raising The Bar

Today Both Republicans And Democrats


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