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Never Be Afraid To Do What’s Right

Martin Luther King Jr Never Never

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

see nothing to be afraid of it's just a twig tapping against the windowbizarrocomics.com

Never Be Afraid Of The Truth

learn not because you feel you have to

Fear Of Flying?

I'm not afraid of flying per seBizarroComics.com

Speak The Change You Want To See In The World

William Faulkner Never Be Afraid To

You Have The Power

Anthony Gucciardi There's A Reason

“The Time Is Always Right To Do The Right Thing” ~MLK

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Never Never Be Afraid To Do What's Right

The Laughter Has Already Started

David Atkins A Generation From Now

Shedding A Little Light On The Subject—Don’t Get Scared ;)

Take ‘em, Have ‘em, Make ‘em


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